i means integration - part 1
This blog entry starts a series about IBM i and how to integrate it with the rest of the IT landscape.
Jenkins on IBM i - Part 1
We will take a RPG project with the source located in a Git repository and will build it with Jenkins on an IBM i server. The build will be executed with the tool make. We will see what Jenkins and its plugins can bring to the table.
Cool things you might not know about RPG or ILE
I compiled a list of things I really like a lot about RPG and the ILE environment and am missing (most of the time) in other programming languages / environments.
Tour of Champions - Update
A little while ago ... or even a little while longer ago :) ... I made a tutorial about the ILEastic microservice framework : Tour of Champions. It covered making a web service froma template project in a modular style and with SQL for the database access.
ILEastic ... can it get even easier?
ILEastic is a microservice framework written mostly in C and available as an ILE service program. That means we can build web service in ILE languages like RPG and COBOL (and C of course). No more jumping through hoops to offer a web service to your colleagues or business partners.
noxDB ... now even easier
noxDB - Not Only XML - is a software library which makes it easy to parse and generate JSON and XML. Generating JSON or XML directly from an SQL is even easier with noxDB. noxDB has become my favorite tool when working with JSON or XML when I want to process it with a DOM like approach ... which is most of the time.
JBatch Example on IBM i - Test Run
This will be the last episode of our Jakarta EE Batch adventure. In this post we will see our example application in action and see how to restart a batch job and the mechanics behind it.
JBatch Example on IBM i - simplified
The JBatch Example in my last post was ok for a prototype but when you have to write many batch jobs we would rather want to have to code less and have more ready-to-use components. This can be done very easily in only a few steps by putting these reusable components into a `batch.core` project which we can later declare as a depencency in your batch projects.
JBatch Example on IBM i
My last blog post was about batch processing on IBM i with Jakarta EE Batch implementation JBatch from IBM. I didn't get into too much detail in that post as it was only to provide a brief overview of Jakarta EE Batch. In this blog post I want to present and explain one of my JBatch example applications available on Bitbucket.
JBatch on IBM i
This whole blog has been very RPG centric so far. But some of you also know that I also do some Java programming (and also some Node.js+TypeScript from time to time). Lately I got involved into some Java projects which also include IBM i as a potential target platform.