A little while ago … or even a little while longer ago :) … I made a tutorial about the ILEastic microservice framework : Tour of Champions. It covered making a web service from a template project in a modular style and with SQL for the database access.

And much of my work is to make the life of a developer easier. No matter if it is in the open source world or in a paid environment.

So … can it get easier?

Easier ?

At the time the original tutorial was written you had to compile ILEastic and its dependencies all by yourself. Only the projects Linked List and Message were pre-packaged and could be installed with the iPKG client.

This has changed. Now there are also packages for ILEastic and noxDB2 available which makes it much easier for you to give this tutorial a try and see how easy it is to write web services in RPG without having to switch to any other language (though you could of course use any ILE enabled language in your web service program with ease).

I updated the tutorial so you can have a smooth ride through each section.

The biggest change to the previous setup is that the packaged ILEastic version has been compiled with noxDB2 (which is the UTF8 branch in the Github repository) and is not compatible with the version on Github project site.

Also thanks and kudos to Niels Liisberg for creating these wonderful projects noxDB and ILEastic.

I am very grateful for any feedback.

Happy web servicing!