Open Source on IBM i

ILEastic Tutorial : Tour of Champions

This will be a series of little articles which show how to implement a microservice project on IBM i. I will start from a blank (or template) project and work my way through the different parts of the application. I will be using tools like git, bash, ssh, make to cover my basic needs for a development environment. As we are on IBM i I will use the native microservice framework ILEastic for the web services, my favorite RPG editor MiWorkplace ;-) for editing RPG and DBeaver for all stuff related to SQL.

The content of the series is already available on the new website .

Each part of the series will be appended to the content of this website. It currently covers the basics like setting it all up, database, service programs and the first web service. Later parts of the series will cover things like SQL transactions in a multi threaded environment, authentication (Basic Auth and OAuth 2.0), embedding a template engine, error handling, administration, configuration provisioning and load balancing. Perhaps you have some other topics related to this. Please let me know, perhaps I can also cover that.

I hope you enjoy the ride and realize that RPG is one of the best options for web services on IBM i because you have access to the whole IBM i platform natively and directly.

Keep it simple! Use your mind!

Happy microserving!


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