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Working with Validation Lists

Probably not many of you have heard of validation lists on IBM i. So from the IBM Knowledge Center

Validation list objects provide a method for applications to securely store user authentication information.

Validation lists can store any data associated with a key. The good thing about a validation list is that you have the option to have the data one-way or two-way encrypted which makes it an ideal option for storying authentication data. One other reason for using validation lists instead of user profiles is that you don't have to create a whole user profile on the system when you only want to authenticate a "user".

IBM has delivered a great option for authenticating "users" but failed on delivering all tools needed for easily working with validation lists. It has provided several APIs for accessing the validation list but failed on providing higher level service programs and commands.

But as the API is documented in the IBM Knowledge Center the IBM i community has all the information needed for creating those tools by themselves. And Carsten Flensburg did so and provides all the necessary code and information in his really good "APIs by Example" series and on his website.


The only thing you now need to do is download the code and compile it on your machine. That can be a hurdle for one or the other and thus I have packaged all the validation list commands, panel groups and other necessary objects into one iPKG package for easy installation. Now you can install all the validation list tools from Carsten Flensburg with a single command

ipkg install vldl

Can it be any easier?! No ... i think not (at least not for 3rd party software). You can find the packaged code on the project web site. The iPKG packages can be found at

Happy validating!


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