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iPKG beta 2

Hi folks!

The next beta is out with some new features.

First a simple but important one: VERSION action. Now you can see which iPKG client version you got. Currently the version is stored in the user defined attribute of the object. But this can only store 10 characters and only one value. There is an RFE Add more user defined attributes/object information to an object out to extend that. Please vote for it so we can store more metadata directly on the object itself.

Back to business: Dependencies can now also be set to an installed product or PTF (thanks to Holger Scherer and Kevin Adler for their help). For more information see the wiki page Requirements. Example:

5770DG1_SI71714 = 7.4

There has also been more work on the opposite side where the package can define what it provides. By default a package provides itself. But now it is also possible to define more capabilities of a package on which a dependency can be expressed. F. e. a package needs a HTTP client as a dependency. It doesn't matter which HTTP client as long as there is at least one installed. So it defines a requirement to httpclient. Welcome to the land of virtual packages.

And as I mentioned HTTP ... you can now specify a repository with an HTTP or HTTPS protocol which means you don't have to manually download and "install" the repository but can use the existing one on the web as is.

ipkg addrepo "RPGNextGen"

There has also been some bug fixes and some database changes so you need to remove the old iPKG tables and let the client install the new one.

I added the Java RPM library redline to the download section of the iPKG project. You can create packages programmatically with it. I also uploaded an example on how to do that.

I hope more people will give this project a try. ANY feedback is welcome.

BTW: Is there any interest into automatic building of RPM packages like this?

build all packages with redline

This could be coupled with the source code checkout and build of a project in a Jenkins pipeline which makes a wonderful CI/CD process =) .

Happy building and testing!


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