Open Source on IBM i

iPKG ... package management for ILE in beta phase ... and now what?

Hi folks!

Happy Easter!

I am in the midst of developing an open source package management system for IBM i. Now many people may say: "We already have yum for managing packages on IBM i. I should get up-to-date." Yes ... and no.

Yes: yum manages packages
No: It does not manage packages for the whole IBM i system, but only those meant for PASE.

Where are the packages for ILE?

There is a lot of good open source software for ILE (which is a great environment by the way =) ). There was a discussion a decade ago about an app store for IBM i but that faded away as fast as it came and without any result at all (and with the demise of developerworks probably any traces have been erased).

So I set up a project and am now at a stage where the community can jump in and help. I got a client for managing packages. The client is a native ILE program (RPG) with a command object, see save file at the download section . It is available for IBM i 7.3 (and of course compatible with 7.4).

I packaged some of my own projects. These packages are available at .

The client is at a late alpha/early beta stage I would say.

And this is the part where you can jump in: I need some testers and some feedback.

The project is hosted at . To get into the project

  1. Read the
  2. Read the wiki articles
  3. Download and try out the client

Currently the client can only install files on the local file system. No installation vie http/https. But you can download the whole RPG Next Gen repository (just 1 MB) and put it in the IFS.

How to give feedback?

First things first: ANY feedback is welcome!

You can

I don't care. Just do it!

I will collect everything as tickets in Bitbucket because it will be easier to work with the feedback from there on.

Many thanks to those investing their precious time (which is one of the most precious resources you have). If you have any questions just ask!

Happy testing!


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