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Creating a Unix Timestamp

As most people know the Unix timestamp is an integer value which represents the seconds from 1970-01-01.

There is currently no built-in function for it but you can easily calculate it by yourself.


ctl-opt dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(*caller);

dcl-pr sys_getUtcOffset extproc('CEEUTCO');
  offsetHours int(10);
  offsetMinutes int(10);
  offsetSeconds float(8);
  feedback char(12) options(*omit);

dcl-c UNIX_EPOCH_START z'1970-01-01-';

*inlr = *on;

dcl-proc main;
  dcl-s uxts int(10);
  dcl-s now timestamp;
  dcl-s offsetHours int(10);
  dcl-s offsetMinutes int(10);
  dcl-s offsetSeconds float(8);

  now = z'2020-04-15-';
  sys_getUtcOffset(offsetHours : offsetMinutes : offsetSeconds : *omit);

  uxts = %diff(now : UNIX_EPOCH_START : *SECONDS) - offsetSeconds;

  // Output : 1586908800
  dsply %char(uxts);
Tags : RPG