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ILEDocs - Release 2.1.0


at the moment I have the opportunity to work on the ILEDocs project. There has been some smaller fixes and features and some bigger ones.

The biggest new feature is the search functionality. You have now an input box in the navigation bar where you can search for a specific module, procedure or otherwise exported symbol or constant. If you upgrade from a previous version you will need to build the internal index by calling the REST service /index.

BTW ... exported symbols and constants: ILEDocs now also supports the documentation of constants and variables (exported or imported). Now everything needed to build a complete API documentation is supported by ILEDocs.

The different components in the software stack have also been updated to their latest version. Meaning Bootstrap 4, AngularJS 1.6 and Dropwizard 1.3.

The open source documentation library at has been updated to the new version. Now you can have a look at how your documentation may look like. (You may need to refresh and/or clear the cache because of some new files).

There is now a prebuilt version of the server component in the download section on the project website. You don't have to build it yourself anymore. The only thing you need to do is to install the MongoDB database and to change the configuration of the Javascript application (inside the ILEDocs jar file, /web/configuration.js).

For how to start an ILEDocs instance for yourself just take a look at the project wiki.

For creating the documentation from your source you can use MiWorkplace. It has an extra plugin for ILEDocs (which has also been used to create the documenation at It does not support the whole feature set of ILEDocs in version 1.16.0 but I am already at it.

The documentation of ILEDocs has also been improved. You can find out about the ILEDocs syntax, REST services and data models in the wiki.

Happy searching!


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