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RDi Hover Support

At the moment I have access to an RDi installation and use it on a daily basis (besides using MiWorkplace =) ).

Some people have written about the new hover support for RDi which is quite nice (and MiWorkplace has also a nice hover support to some extent) but I haven't read or heard about a very nice feature of it:

Procedure documentation!

Now you can put your procedure documentation before your prototype and have it displayed in the hover info window.

Example code:

// Write Number
// Writes a number into the specified cell in the worksheet.
// @param worksheet
// @param row
// @param column
// @param number
// @param format
dcl-pr worksheet_write_number int(10) extproc('worksheet_write_number');
  worksheet pointer value;
  row int(10) value;
  column int(10) value;
  number float(8) value;
  format pointer value;

The hover info for this prototoype looks like this:

RDi hover support

The information is not formatted but perhaps that will be implemented in the future (*hint* RFE ;-) ). It would also be nice if it would support the ILEDocs tags but as IBM has no interest in such things support for such will probably never come.

Perhaps this feature will add a little more to the poor motivation of writing documentation. Because now you have a benefit of the documentation immediately right at your fingertips without wading through some office documents. Just hover with the mouse over the procedure name.

Happy hovering and documenting!


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