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At the time I still developed the RPG Next Gen Editor I have received some requests regarding offline support. It was not as much about editing the code but more about being able to view the code (perhaps for some reviewing and later refactoring).

About 10 years forward I am picking up the topic again. There still isn't much support for offline viewing (though there some nice web tools for reviewing code online). But much has changed in the IT world with everyone and everything going mobile. So I am going mobile with this project too.

The goal of the project is an Android app with full code review capabilities. Including

  • getting the code from various sources
  • viewing the code
  • taking notes in context to whole code / section of the code
  • share notes
  • create tickets from notes in Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab,, Trac, Redmine ...

The whole project is not just an idea but already has some code behind it. There is a beta version to download from the website. It already has some functionality. You can download code from a Git repository (I have tested Bitbucket and SourceForge ). Files from a file archive (like a zip or tar archive file) can also be fetched. But I really want to have IBM i support as a first class citizen in this project. You can browse the QSYS filesystem and the IFS and download code to your Android device.

And the price for it .... nothing. Just download it from the website. If you want to show me your appreciation then send me a mail and/or make a donation on (top right corner on the web site).

For everybody who needs another feature which is not covered by the current state of the project:

Good news! You can even contribute to the project!

It is open source after all. Take the source work on it and don't forget to contribute back to the project.

So ... what do you think about it?

Happy reviewing!


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