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ILEDocs - Project Info


as you may have already read on the MiWorkplace release info I also have been busy working on ILEDocs.

First: Some REST APIs have different paths now which renders it incompatible with the previous version.

The good thing is that we now also support something like a project documentation. If the user clicks on a project on the left side he usually gets a list of programs and modules. Now he can also have a description of the project if it has been uploaded.

To upload a project information just create a stream file ''project-info.rpgle'' and put the information with the corresponding ''\project Your_project'' in it. Then upload it.

RPG Next Gen is now the home for the open online library I hope to build. The documentation for the Arraylist project has been added.

If you also want to document your programs and modules in this kind and need some help, advice or best practice tip just send me a mail at mihael (at)

Happy documenting!


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